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Medina’s Construction Ltd., based in Ladyville, Belize, is an accomplished construction company with over 25 years of experience in Residential, Commercial, Industrial, and Civil construction. Our completed projects are a testament to this experience, reflecting the high quality of our craftsmanship as produced by our team of highly skilled employees. We are committed to excellence, and consistently provide our clients with innovative, cost-effective solutions to meet their construction needs.
Our wide range of construction services, experience, and proficiency makes us your best choice for any project, large or small. We will make every effort to meet or exceed your expectations because we want to remain your only choice for construction services for many years to come.

Broad Expertise through Versatility


Our work history includes a wide array of project types. Having built everything from houses, schools and community parks, to manufacturing plants, medical facilities and breweries, this versatility allows us to bring a broad expertise to every job.

Partnership that brings Values


Every project is a partnership, and a good partnership is more than just putting structures together. It means collaborating with owners and architects to enhance every aspect of the project; it means bringing value to the process.

Our Specialized Equipment


Our specialized equipment is exceptionally well maintained and particularly adapted to our business. Providing the proper equipment allows us to complete our work efficiently, on schedule, and within budget.